1. To support fisheries and wildlife management.

As an advocacy to support wildlife and fisheries management, a lot of individuals today gear for fishing. Aiding in setting creel limits and seasons, fishing has long been encouraged. This hobby likewise promotes biodiversity as responsible fishing gets practiced and supported by various agencies. Governments nowadays have become stricter in the fishing policies, thus leading to preserving species and their habitats.

2. To relieve stress.

True enough, upon gazing at the crystal clear waters, one would feel more relaxed. Add in the cooling wind brushing through the face. This calls for the feeling of freedom, according to fishers of all ages. Witnessing various living creatures jumping out from the sea and catching them with awesomeness just shows how this hobby can indeed be a great stress-reliever. You might also want to fish with your friends to have more fun!

3. To stay youthful.

Fishing does help you fight aging, aside from stress. Going outdoors would definitely keep you healthy, allowing you to stretch those muscles all the more. Also consider enjoying nature’s bounties as you go on fishing. Take away those unwanted calories from fastfood chains and munch on something healthy.

4. To achieve self fulfillment.

Conquering your deepest hearts’ desires could just be a catch away! Through fishing, you’ll surely have a closer look at your skills while still enjoying the outdoors. Fishing does not necessarily require you to be a pro. With just the right strategies and a keen eye, you’ll surely be satisfied and eager to fish some more.

To feel the thrill.

Just like the old saying about catching a lady, catching fish is no doubt the same when it comes to the thrilling experience it brings to the fisherman. It’s all about the challenge that makes him want to pursue a trout, barra or whatever. This feeling of winning makes the fisher more eager to try some more and eventually appreciate life’s lessons that brought him to where he is today.